About Us

We only think of Artwork and Pharma labelling

Our History

We were born specialists and every day we specialize a bit more.

Lacía Branding & Packaging was born in 1995 as a company with 100% Branding and Packaging focus and purpose. This vision, a small amount of luck, wonderful clients and, above everything, a unique and united team has positioned us as leaders in the FMCG industry. It has also taught us, from the retail shelves (or Point of Sale), the constant and bitter struggle to differentiation and sales success.

All these years, Lacía Branding & Packaging has been working for the pharmaceutical industry with their OTC products as rules are very similar to those applying in FMCG. That is how many companies in the sector trust us, such us Ordesa, Lacer, CINFA, Ferring, Zambon, INDAS, Ferrer…

Lacía Health was born in 2012 from the need to have a team 100% specialized in the pharmaceutical sector linked to medicinal products (prescription only, over the counter…), their regulatory needs, technical knowledge, ISO 9001 quality standards, design and management methods… overall framework is different and requires an ad-hoc structure that promotes a better service, faster and with greater accuracy.

Who we are

Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies (laboratories) to unlock their full potential.

Lacía Health has the resources, the knowledge and the talent necessary to accompany laboratories in their mission to communicate to their customers, their market and their universe.

OUTSOURCING: we believe in SPECIALIZATION, it would be hard to gather the talent and knowledge that we have in Lacía Health. We offer our team the possibility to work with leader brands, to be continuously trained and we are always thinking on how to improve our clients’ brand image and graphical efficiency. With more than 14 different nationalities, a team of specialists in branding strategy, enormously talented graphical designers, artworkers with huge technical knowleged and digital project management… we are all about artwork & pharma labelling.

Our Values

Honesty, the truth will set us free!!

Creativity, Creativity with discipline, creativity with responsibility, creativity with talent.

Success, a project success, like success in a couple, depends on two parties – it takes two to tango... a client who helps and believes in us and us, who believe, enjoy and love the client.

Technology, we apply the highest standards in digital transformation process and we make it easy, for everyone.

Honesty Creativity Success Technology

Why Lacía Health

Our pharmaceutical artwork specialist expertise a solid understanding of pharmaceutical legislations, strict guidelines and control mechanisms together with our outstanding project and artwork management system naturally leads to better artwork service, faster and with greater accuracy.

We manage, centralize and guarantee all of your pharmaceutical artwork production, you maintain overall control of the service while focusing on your core business.